Client Registration Form and Veterinary Authorisation Forms

Form for Owners

Owners please fill out this form and request your vet to sign the vet declaration on this page below.

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Owners declaration and GDPR consent

I/We give fully accept the terms and conditions of treatment and fully understand that I/we as legal owners of the dog, accept full responsibility for divulging any and all the facts that maybe relevant during treatment and reporting any changes in the animals health. I/we declare that the information on this form is correct and give consent that the veterinary surgeon which cares for our animal receiving treatment and any other professional involved in its care give to share relevant medical history and reports to The canine rehab co. To assist in assessing the dogs suitability for treatment. The Canine Rehab Co. will use the information provided on this form for gaining veterinary consent for treatment, arranging appointments with yourselves and from time to time send promotions. All data stored is electronic. 

I agree to the above declaration and GDPR consent

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Veterinary Practice Details

Veterinarians/vets practices please fill out this form to give consent for treatment and submit.

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Veterinary Surgeon’s Declaration

In my opinion, the above named animal is in a suitable state of health to undergo Veterinary Physiotherapy/hydrotherapy and does not present with any underlying medical conditions that would contraindicate treatment with either physiotherapy/hydrotherapy

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