A welcome relief for both of you

Mobile Dog Hydrotherapy

Soothe pain. Revive mobility.

When your dog isn’t feeling their best, it’s heartbreaking. It’s so hard to watch your dog in pain or struggling to enjoy the things that used to make their tail wag.

You might even feel helpless, worried about making things worse or setting your dog’s recovery back if you do too much, too soon.

Mobile Dog Hydrotherapy is

Water therapy has been used for thousands of years to build strength, relieve pain, and dramatically improve mobility. It’s a gentle yet powerful rehab therapy that can have a significant impact on your dog’s recovery.

Whether your dog’s had an injury, operation, or is feeling the effects of old age set in, our mobile hydrotherapy clinic comes to you.

Our licensed, qualified therapists will develop a tailor made rehabilitation programme to help your dog repair and heal so they feel their best.

dog enjoying hydrotherapy session with the Canine Rehab Co
state of the art mobile hydrotherapy van delivering specialist rehab therapy to your veterinary practice

How hydrotherapy can help your dog

The benefits of water therapy for dogs are vast. From using a therapeutic temperature to relieve pain to controlled exercise that builds muscle strength, each hydro plan is tailored to your dog’s needs.
Improve mobility

Relieve pain

Increase strength

Reduce inflammation

Improve cardiovascular fitness

Rebuild muscle mass

Increase stamina & endurance

Better coordination & proprioception

With our mobile hydrotherapy clinic, your dog can enjoy all the benefits with none of the stress.
No travel, no other dogs or people – just 100% focus on your dog’s needs and getting them feeling better fast.

Help your dog feel better faster

Hydrotherapy can speed up your dog’s recovery time. In water, pain wanes and your dog feels almost weightless – making movement easier, exercise more controlled, and strength building targeted.

Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Degenerative Myelopathy
Poor Mobility

Degenerative Joint Disease
Cranial Cruciate Repair
Post Spinal Surgery
Rehab Post RTA
Arthrodesis Post Op
Post Fracture Repair
Muscle Strain
Ligament Sprain
Sporting / Working Injuries
Weight Management
Fitness & Conditioning

Your treatment plan will include guidance on what to do at home if appropriate, to support your dog’s progress plus simple exercises to aid your dog’s recovery.

My dog has benefited enormously!
“My miniature Dachshund had a slipped disc and had completely lost the use of her back legs.

I was relieved to discover The Canine Rehab Co. had a mobile hydrotherapy set up – saving me a 2 hour round trip with my poor dog to the therapist I’d used previously.

Apart from not having to put my poor dog through the added stress of a long car journey, I’ve also not had the added expense of petrol or hassle of driving too and fro.

My dog has benefited enormously from her hydrotherapy sessions and I’ve no hesitation in recommending Felicity as a perfect solution, delivering hydrotherapy to your doorstep.”

Sally and Binka – Bexhill
happy dog after having hydrotherapy

What a relief! Dog hydro delivered to your door!

Finding time to travel to a hydrotherapy pool, paying for petrol, and asking your dog to undergo a long car trip can all hold people back from getting the relief and rehabilitation therapy their dog needs.

Our mobile hydrotherapy clinic comes to you, removing all the barriers that can stand between your dog and their recovery.

And no, you don’t need a driveway or even a parking spot outside your home. We’ll find suitable parking as close to your home as possible – and we’ll do the rest.

Your dog’s comfort is our #1 priority

Our modern, fully kitted out mobile rehab units deliver a qualified and licensed dog hydrotherapist to your door so you can be assured your dog is receiving therapy in a relaxed and calm environment.

Quite simply, it’s the hydrotherapy service your dog would choose!