Say goodbye to aches & pains with hassle-free dog hydrotherapy

We bring dog hydrotherapy to your door

Say goodbye to aches & pains with hassle-free dog hydrotherapy

We bring dog hydrotherapy to your door

Help your dog make the most of every moment with hassle-free hydrotherapy and physio that improves strength, relieves pain, and promotes healing.

Our canine hydrotherapists bring top notch rehab care to you, taking away the stress and strain of getting your dog to rehab. With no need to travel, you can focus on what matters most: your dog’s comfort, wellbeing, and recovery.

We work in partnership with owners, therapists, and vets to help dogs live their very best lives.

How can we help you?

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The relief your dog’s been searching for

Are you worried that your dog isn’t as comfortable as they used to be? Maybe they’re slowing down on walks, struggling to jump on and off furniture or looking a little stiff.

You might even have seen behaviour changes, like not wanting to be touched, barking more or reluctance to do things they used to love.

Hydrotherapy isn’t just for dogs recovering from surgery or injuries, it’s a powerful way to improve mobility, increase strength, and relieve pain.

Help your dog heal with hydrotherapy

Whether your dog is recovering from surgery, needs to lose a little weight, or has achey, sore joints, we can help.

Your dog will have a personalised rehab plan to get them on the road to recovery with none of the struggles of having to visit a busy clinic or endure a car journey.

Ensuring your dog’s complete comfort and happiness throughout their rehabilitation is our number one priority. We know reducing stress for your dog can significantly aid their healing and recovery, and that’s what we’re here for.

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Get the care your dog needs the easy way

Restoring happy tail wags

“I wasn’t quite ready for the rapid progress I witnessed in my beloved Tesa, which
frankly made me burst into happy tears in the hydro van.

One session, she decided to lift her tail up and wag it from side to side. Due to difficulties with her back legs, hips, and spine – I hadn’t seen Tesa lift/wag her tail in YEARS.

Tesa now naturally lifts her tail up during our daily walks, and her back looks so much straighter and stronger. She even play bows gently now and invites me/other dogs to play with her”

Luisa Matcha & Tesa – St Leonards-on-Sea
Support for vets for mobile hydrotherapy

Support for vets

Tired of referring out to therapists who don’t communicate with you or listen to your guidance?

We can bring our mobile dog hydrotherapy clinic to your practice, giving you control, seamless communication and unrivalled support.

Or, simply refer your clients and we’ll travel to them. We’ll stay in touch with you to provide holistic rehab services with none of the stress.

Get a qualified hydrotherapist on your team (without the overheads) and give your patients the very best care for their pets.

Franchise opportunities

Do you want to provide hydrotherapy to dogs without needing to find a premises, navigate planning, and invest a bomb on set up?

Maybe you already have a canine therapy business and can see how much hydrotherapy would help your clients, but setting up feels impossible.

Our franchise partnership gives you everything you need to start your own mobile clinic with ease.

Skip the headache of hunting for the perfect location and give your community an easy way to get the care they need for their dogs.

The Canine Rehab Co Mobile Dog Hydrotherapy
Fliss Parris Local Mobile Dog Hydrotherapy East Sussex

Recommended by vets

“This facility is great, it opens up hydrotherapy to so many more clients. I will definitely be recommending it to my clients”
Georgia Patsika – MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon