A to your Q.

We’ve split our FAQ up into sections for owners, vets and franchisees below. If there’s anything we haven’t covered please get in touch by emailing info@thecaninerehabco.com or through our mobile 07793034535.

Dog Owner FAQ’s

How much is a single hydrotherapy or Physiotherapy session?

All our single sessions are £60. We offer a discount for a block of 10 sessions which can be used for either physiotherapy and or hydrotherapy sessions.

These are ideal for post operative or injury rehabilitation and dogs managing a long term condition and require ongoing therapy

Can I claim for hydrotherapy treatment on my dogs insurance?

Most of the time Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy come under the term complementary therapy in insurance policies and are covered up to a separate limit.

It is advised that you check with your insurance company to make sure your treatment is covered.

How often does my dog need hydrotherapy?
This totally depends on the reason for rehabilitation and the dogs condition.

On average dogs benefit from weekly sessions for a period of time before moving to bi weekly maintenance sessions.

How long are the sessions?
We schedule 30mins for each session. However your dog may not be in the water for the whole duration of the session.

Each dogs length of time in the water varies and is specific to their particular needs and rehabilitation goals.

Can I feed my dog before their hydrotherapy session?
It is advised that you allow 2 hours before hydrotherapy to feed your dog. This is also true for post hydrotherapy feeding.
What do I need to bring for the appointment?
It is advised that you bring a towel and some treats that your dog is allowed to your hydrotherapy session.

Vet FAQ’s

How do I refer a case for hydrotherapy and/or physiotherapy?

There is a dedicated vet referral form on the website in which all details of the patient and owner can be sent through where we will contact the client directly to arrange the appointments.

Alternatively, you can email us the referral directly at info@thecaninerehabco.com

What qualifications do the therapists working in The Canine Rehab Co hold?
All the therapists working for The Canine Rehab Co hold a professional veterinary physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy qualification and are registered with the relevant professional bodies
How can I contact the therapist working with my client for rehabilitation?

You can contact us directly through our email info@thecaninerehabco.com or through our mobile 07793034535.

Franchisee FAQ’s

What is the cost of a Canine Rehab Co franchise?
Our franchise buy in fees are competitively priced and start from £35000.
What is the timescale to becoming a franchisee?
Our franchise set up is individual to each circumstance but typical timescale from enquiry to launch is 20 weeks.
Do franchisees own the rehab units outright?

No. The franchisees hire the rehab vehicles for a very low monthly cost from The Canine Rehab Co. This enables all vehicles and equipment to be serviced and maintained under the Rehab Co umbrella.

Do franchisees get territory exclusivity?
Yes! All our franchisees will get exclusive rights to trade with a rehabilitation vehicle in their chosen territory.
How long are the franchise agreements and what happens at the end of the agreement?
The franchisee agreements are 5yrs. At the end of the agreement each franchisee will be given the opportunity to extend their franchise contract without further charge.
Can franchisees employ therapists to run their service?
Yes. franchisees can employ a therapist/manager to run their franchise exclusively with the agreement of head office.